Domino Theory

Water bill is huge.

Toilet’s running, jiggle the handle.

Not quite. Sewer dude says there’s a constant flow.

Food color in the tank, wait a few seconds, shows up in the bowl. No problem, replace the stopper.

Turn off the valve. Oops, water still flows … valve shot, must replace. Shut off water main. Here it is, embedded in a root ball near the sidewalk. Main won’t budge. Get more leverage, no joy.

Call EBMUD to have main valve replaced. Not an emergency, wait for Monday.

Nothing is simple.

Music: Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Falling From Above

5 Replies to “Domino Theory”

  1. Jim, no way! Or at least, hope I haven’t given the impression that home repair/improvement is a pain in the ass. Loving every minute of this — it’s what we signed up for, what I’ve looked forward to for so long. I mean, sure, sewer replacement is just an expense, but things like this little valve episode are nothing – virtually no cost, and totally enjoyable. Every weekend a new adventure. In fact Amy and I were just talking yesterday about dreading there coming a day when we check all the little projects off the list. That won’t come for a while, but weekends will be a lot less fun…

  2. Jim, fun rant there, but I have to say, we just have very different ideas about what home ownership is all about. I think I knew all of those things going in. I’ve waited decades to build up a collection of power tools and use them, to spend weekend hours scheming the landscaping with the wife and then getting dirt under the fingernails… I guess none of this stuff comes as a surprise to us.

    Those “covenants” sound disgusting! I can’t believe anyone would buy in an area that had them. Ewww. Don’t recall having heard of such a thing on the west coast.

  3. welcome to home ownership, Scot! nothing is simple… everything leads to something else… and never fear, you’ll never check the last item off the list, because new items will pop up before you get there. It’s like painting the golden gate bridge — as soon as you get to one end, it’s time to start right over at the other end.

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