Happy Billionth, Unix Time

A couple of days ago the Unix clock — which measures time in elapsed seconds since the epoch (January 1, 1970) — ticked its billionth tick. Planes did not fall out of the sky. What did happen is that computers “paused for a second, then changed to 1 billion and 1 seconds.”

I confess that I used to store “real” date/timestamps in my databases. Discovering the total liberation afforded by reinterpreted Unix timestamps opened several of my projects up like happy oysters.

To celebrate, I bought a Bingo Wacky Wobbler tonight. Bingo, my favorite Banana Split, who was probably conceived right around the time a bunch of bearded Unix weenies were conceiving second zero of Unix time.

You might want to celebrate by defraggling your motherdisc.

Music: Orchestre Murphy :: Day Dream of a Marriage Guidance Counsellor

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