I grew up with lots of power tools around, but have always said I would wait until I was a home owner to buy any of my own. Time is here. In the past couple of months have accumulated a nice drill, circular saw, jigsaw. Cut a swinging cat door just before vacation. Then this weekend made good progress on a workbench I had seen plans for in Popular Mechanics at the doctor’s office a month ago. Other projects more pressing, but the workbench trumps all comers — all home improvement flows from the workbench. Real oak plywood. Countersunk deck screws. Notched-out legs. Solid as an Alabama swamp root. I’ll look for a vise to attach on the used market.

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  1. Home Depot has a nice sized machinist’s vise for a pretty reasonable price. That’s what I got.


  2. Our HD had three vices to choose from, but none were quite right (too small, too big, too specialized). I’ll check again to see if they restock any that might have been missing.

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