Question for Arnold

As we learned during the run-up to the recall, there are NO requirements to be governor of California, other than being able to plonk $3500 on the barrel. And sure enough, Arnold has NO experience. It does not bother me that Arnold is an actor. I could really care less. But I would like to know why so many people think he’ll be a good governor just because they liked his movies.

More importantly, does Arnold actually believe that the duties of the office are so easy, so trivial, that he can carry them out better than politicians with a lifetime of experience? Arnold: Why should I believe that you can do anything related to running a state, let alone do it better than the incumbent, or other contenders? Most analysts agree that anyone in that office would have had the same budget problems Davis has had. I don’t get it.

Meanwhile, John Kevin Fabiani points out that conservatives may not be so impressed with Arnold once they get a closer look.

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  1. 1. california is due for another movie star governer. it’s been like 30 years.

    2. ahnold was on the prez’ fitness comittee. he has experience in government

    3. there is a sentiment that people don’t want experienced politicians, with their existing relationships with lobbyists etc

    4. ahnold is filthy rich, therefore might not be beholden to special interests

    5. how bad a job did jesse ventura do in MN?

    not an ahnold supporter (i like arianna, myself), but love his accent and everyone else is equally pathetic. get rid of the deadwoods i say (like davis, not even as exciting as Gore) and get someone entertaining in office!


  2. I think there’s a strong sentiment that

    1. Arnold couldn’t do much worse than Grey Davis did. He and his wife run at least one successful business and manage their own finances successfully.

    2. After all the lies and tiresome nonsense the professional politicians have spewed over the last few years – the Clinton administration was not exactly entirely honest, and the Bush administration doesn’t even seem to have formal relations with truth and openness) and California (from what little I’ve read) seems to be where it is energywise because at least some of the politicians were in bed with the energy companies, after all that, you can kind of understand why people would want an outsider. Any outsider.

    And by all accounts Arnie is a moderate. And no, Jessie Ventura didn’t do that bad a job with Minnesota. He was a Republican, of course, so this meant cutting funds to social services and education, which he did, but you expect that from them.

    I think the Democrats are making a grave mistake sticking by Gray Davis instead of fielding their own candidates. There’s enough ire to force a recall vote, I don’t think he’ll survive, which means they’ve handed the job to Arnold.

    But have faith. Arnold can’t run for President, at least. You have to be a born U.S. citizen for that, if memory serves.


  3. Because I don’t live in California, I honestly don’t care what goes on with the political situation. My issue is this: will Arnold still have time to make movies? Cause you can’t get much better than a good Arnold flick and some high quality popcorn. I’d be sure vote for Wil Wheaton though…

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