The Other Birdhouse

xian forwarded the URL to another blog called “The Birdhouse.” My blog is a general-purpose catch-all broken into loose categories. His is dedicated to the topic of mental health. Wasn’t sure whether to feel flattered or upset by the copycat name. Since we’re both not-for-profit, there’s no question of business trademarks, but it just felt odd to see.

Then I saw that both he and I have pages called “Why is this place called The Birdhouse?” (his | mine). After reading his, I’m convinced that his site is not copying mine – the title is sincere and the story of its origins are touching. There’s more than enough room for more than one birdhouse on the web.

Music: Hüsker Dü :: Everything Falls Apart

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  1. Honestly? I always thought of your site as ‘’, as it says in the title tag.

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