Needed to set up traffic analysis for birdhouse customers and had heard good things about awstats. Decided to give it a shot instead of analog + report magic, which I’ve always used in the past (I’ve also used and liked AXS for smaller projects, though it requires placing custom code in each page you want to track, which makes it a non-contender for anything serious). awstats rocks. More succinct, easier to configure and customize, easy to create separate reports for specific parts of sites, just a generally clean and pleasant implementation. In fact, liked it so much I also replaced the J-School’s reporting systems with it today.

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  1. Ludovic, here’s what I’ve got after ~24 hrs:

    On this blog:

    MSIE: 41%
    Safari: 19.8%
    Unknown: 16.9%
    Mozilla: 15.3%
    Netscape: 2.6%
    Omniweb: 1.5%

    On birdhouse in general:

    MSIE: 59.9%
    Safari: 17.4%
    Unknown: 7.1%
    Mozilla: 9.6%
    Netscape: 3.3%
    Omniweb: 0.7%

    At the J-School:

    MSIE: 81.5%
    Safari: 7.7%
    Unknown: 2.3%
    Mozilla: 2.8%
    Netscape: 4.6%
    Opera: 2.4%

  2. cmon – you could be REALLY honing your Awk skills!

    btw – our OSX rate – let alone Safari or other individual browser *on* osx – is 0.44%

  3. yeah, I know my stats are really skewed — between the education traffic at the jschool (which is much more mac oriented) and the Mac/ AltOS slant of this blog, I know I’m out in lala land. As long as I know it, it’s okay, right?

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