2nd Fracture

Doc found another fracture in my wrist – one he didn’t spot the first time around. Not uncommon to miss them, apparently (I’m amazed they can see fractures on x-rays at all — so subtle). While I’m able to to type two-handed now, I still can barely move a spoon into my mouth – anything remotely resembling twisting the wrist is painful. The frustration mounts, ready for life to return to normal. Want to work on the house, change diapers, push the stroller, throw Miles up in the air, run away and join the circus.

Disclosure: Wrist pictured is not my own.

Music: Yo La Tengo :: Let’s Be Still

5 Replies to “2nd Fracture”

  1. Aww… yup, it’s those lil’ things that make frustration mount. And here I thought you wer getting better. Oh well, the circus will have to wait. ;o)

  2. If it makes you feel better: you’re not the only one injured around here.

    I am still suffering from the bump I took to the inside of my left knee four weeks ago – for the most part I can do my normal everyday activities and exercise, but I do have my doubts about the upcoming race in two weeks.

    And I don’t even have anybody else to blame but me and my own clumsiness :-)

  3. Thanks – you too!

    And it’s a running race: the Pike’s Peak Ascent (and I already plan on _not_ doing it again – ever!).

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