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Daring Fireball makes some good points about the shrinking Macintosh market share.

Fifteen or 20 years ago, personal computers were generally only purchased and used by people who were “into” computers. Today, however, many computers are purchased for use as generic business machines, modern-day typewriters and adding machines.

It does seem that the more people are “into” computers, the more likely they are to be Mac users (not suggesting a direct correlation, only a perceived correspondence). And it is gratifying to see some journalists grok that comparing Mac and PC marketshare is comparing apples and oranges, so to speak. Apple doesn’t try to compete in all computing market segments. May as well critique sports cars or riding mowers for not having the same marketshare as SUVs.

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  1. I would have said like comparing Apples to dog doo, personally, but I know some people actually do get a good user experience with Windows. I just never met any.


  2. Escalade – pah. 40% minivan, 60% image. Though I must admit that the H2 is worse in this respect.

    But regarding the Marketshare article: I wish the folks populating certain web boards would read it – you know, those who behave as if no PC company sold systems with a base price of $1200 or more.

  3. Apple could build and sell more computers then any other single PC vendor and still continue to lose market share. That’s because in order for Apple to increase market share, Apple would have to outsell all PC manufacturers COMBINED.

  4. Right, Apple’s market share is dwindling because they CHOOSE to have it dwindle. Right, Apple isn’t popular because they’re too good for the average consumer… which is why the focus of all their ads is… the average consumer. Ya ever see the “Make the switch” commercials? Tell me why they have soccer moms up there.


    I figured it out. Apple doesn’t sell computers, they sell inflated egos. I guess some people need the false sense of superiority.

  5. If you know anything about marketing, selling to peoples sense of identity as well as desires is what all companies do, and apple just happens to be especially good at it in the computer industry.

    Now, that being said, apple computers are completely superior- and hence it’s users have reasons to feel more superior.. because they know that by spending a few hundred dollars more they have a much better user experience. You get what you pay for.

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