Class Schedules, Multimedia Training

Long stretches of time pass at work where I feel I’m work work working on things that never see the light of day — projects that end up waiting for someone else’s bits, or priorities shift, or… Today actually launched two projects that have been in lengthy germination.

Course schedules and descriptions have always been done in Word / Excel and then exported to ghastly spaghetti HTML (and PDF) for public consumption. Steps then taken to clean up code and add links. Every time there was a change, all that had to be redone. An ongoing battle last year I vowed to fix. This summer I databased all the course details, prof bios, etc. and built a PHP front-end for it. Descriptions too. The back-end was the larger project, but you can’t see that. No more Office docs, no more spinning wheels with menial conversion work.

The Knight Foundation funded a distance-learning site for mid-career journalists wanting to improve their multimedia reporting skills. So we produced a series of software and equipment tutorials and packaged them up with a course on multimedia reporting. There’s more there than meets the eye. We still consider it a work in progress, but good enough for jazz (I hate what that phrase says about jazz, but it sure rolls off the tongue nicely).

Music: Steve Lacy :: The Cryptosphere

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