Dedicated Box

All options exhausted — DSL too slow, Comcast seals off port 80, and we’re just outside range for 5.8GHz microwave. So colo it is. Scored a healthy G4 off craigslist and used Carbon Copy Cloner to image birdhouse hosting onto it, so our mail and web server is finally on a dedicated box. Transition went flawlessly. I’ll let it run for a week here to break it in, then haul it up to fortress geek (most likely) to ride on their T1. If anyone can suggest other East Bay colos, I’m all ears.

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  1. Hey Scot,

    I use Cyberonic ADSL 1.5m/768k bps at $49.99 per month plus a one-time $99 activation fee ($39.99/mo. with an 18 mo. contract). One static IP included, 5 more are an additional $10 / mo. You can host whatever you want.

    I signed up just when DirectTV DSL ended so it was really hard to get a person on the phone (they seem to be a tiny company in Worcester, MA) but everything went smoothly in the end. So far, it’s solid and I haven’t had to test their customer service. I’m not serving anything, but the upload speed is just about what they advertise. Things sometimes seem slower at peak times.


  2. Gunnar, I should have clarified — DSL *in the new house* is too slow to serve with. I had 1.5/768 back in the rental via the same provider. Read back a few posts for the whole sordid saga.

  3. is a very good company too. Very reliable, a lot of our friends use them, including us for Bebits is also hosted there…

    >I signed up just when DirectTV DSL

    I don’t know if they upgraded their service, but 2 years ago we used them in our house in Union City, and we could never get more than 40 KB/sec with them… With Comcast and cable modem at least we go all the way to 256 KB/sec when downloading Linux distros. :D

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