See an Orthopod

Before and after, one wrist/arm with twin fractures, the other normal. Click if not squeamish. Although the E.R. told me to “see an orthopod in a few days,” my PCP wouldn’t give me a referral over the phone. Tomorrow I go in, no doubt, to waste two hours and half a day of work, take my blood pressure, and get referred to “an orthopod.” I hate that aspect of HMOs — against all common sense, referrals always required. Actually worked today one-handed, which is NOT half-speed, but around 1/4 speed since left hand has to float and search for each letter. Patience wearing thin, going to file a police report tomorrow and am now considering suing after all. I can’t change Miles’ diapers, can’t even pick him up. Can’t drive, can’t ride, can’t pull change out of my pants. Amy has to tie my shoes. My life is screwed for a month while the driver is scot-free. It’s a moral imperative to get her off the road, that’s a given, but I’m starting to think compensation makes sense too … unless it would be trying to squeeze blood from a stone.

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  1. Ouch! Good luck finding an ortho. My fiancee works in Orthopedics and new referrals are running 3 months behind. It will probably be healed by then. Nice system, huh?

    Hope it gets better quickly!!

  2. OH MY GOD! That sucks. I can’t believe no one told me. I’m so glad that you’re still alive. At least you get to tell your side of the story now. Go for it, sue her, get her off the street. Next time, she could kill someone.

    And how was the theology prof related to Matthew?

  3. Hi Stacia!

    I don’t think there’s any money to be had from this woman, she’s poor. But I did file a police report to get her off the road.

    The prof said someone in her congregation knew Matthew and was dealing with his loss. I didn’t recognize the name, sorry.

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