Ohlone Greenway

First day back at work after the move. Miraculously, I was able to keep my bicycle commute (had been prepared to sacrifice that if necessary to become a home owner). It’s 50% longer than before, but the beauty part is, 80% of the ride is now totally off city streets. The Ohlone Greenway cuts north/south through Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito, several miles of quiet asphalt amidst trees, along a creek, through grasslands, beneath the BART tracks. Not only is it an even better way to start the day, but Amy is happy knowing I’m safer on dedicated trails rather than battling for space with cell-phone drones in rolling caves.

Music: Mildred Bailey :: Someday Sweethart

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  1. Sounds like a great bike commute to work. I’m jealous. I’m still renting, and the place i’m renting is 30 miles from my office. Grr.

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