Life Is Normal

Up at crack of dawn to apply acrylic to floors this morning and tomorrow, and after work as well. All told there will be three thin and three thick coats. On way back home this morning, car started to sputter and choke, running on three cylinders. Mechanic can’t take it till tomorrow. Amy tried to rent a car, they brought it over, but it wouldn’t accomodate the baby seat. Borrowed neighbor’s car instead. Will and Sage blow back into town and as quickly back out. Marina had her twins today – Abigail and Claire — not sure yet whether they’re identical. We reserved a moving truck three weeks ago for this Saturday’s move. Today called to confirm it and they had had no record (despite our confirmation #). More digging, turns out the central office at Budget has promised the same truck to seven people, but doesn’t even know where the truck is — they have to call everyone and tell them their weekend moves are flummoxed. Found another truck locally, just in time. Amy and I both have caught Miles’ head cold – he’s a regular snot factory the last three days. And his front teeth are coming in, so he’s double whammied. Preparing to move birdhouse hosting to a temporary network during the move (expect some downtime Thursday night). Got the news yesterday that in addition to the crack house up the street that’s been making neighborhood life crummy the past few months, we now have actual machine gun violence a few blocks away — getting out just in the nick of time. Read today that according to the EPA, 40% of the nation’s waterways are unfit for fishing, swimming, etc. G5s are out.


Floors after three days of sanding, then after a couple coats of clear acrylic. Wish I had taken a “before” shot.

Music: The Ethiopians :: Gun Man

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  1. Enjoy your floors while you can, because in a few years you get to do it all over again.. I know because I raised two boys named Scot and John on newly finished floors.But in Morro Bay we had more of a sand problem than you will. Good job, Mate.

  2. Wow! You do better work than I do. We cant let Jamie see these bad boys!!! I’ll be doing mine all over AGAIN!! Damn, looks like you put some time into them.

    CONGRATS-It will feel real nice walking on floors that you refinished. I know it does mine. Though I liked it better when dad fixed everything!! Laugh here.

  3. Holey moley. I can almost hear those floors *singing*. Awesome job, man.

    Makes our floors look like they belong to a rhinoceros with poor impulse control.

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