Matthew’s Memorial Concert

Matthew’s memorial concert was tonight. So much packing to do, so much prep work for tomorrow, and was in the middle of taking the aquarium apart, almost didn’t go, but somehow needed to. Amy was teaching so took Miles in the Baby Bjorn (aka the Baby Bjork). Knew we wouldn’t make it the whole night, but just wanted him to experience the love in the house, and to hear some great improv. Was glad I did. Place was packed. First thing we sat down to was a trio — shakuhachi, alto sax, clarinet — tender and exploratory. Miles just cooed gently and made small noises. People around him were delighted. He lights up rooms wherever he goes. He got feisty a while later and we had to leave, but it was just enough.

Tons going on lately – it’s been a challenge maintaining that site with everything else going on.

Music: Sun Ra :: Monorails and Satellites

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