Final Cut Pro 4

Attended a demo co-sponsored by Apple on Final Cut Pro 4 yesterday — we’re mostly interested in it for its bundled audio editing application, which may mean an affordable way out of the OS9 quagmire (we can’t upgrade the lab to OS X because we need Pro Tools free, which only runs in OS 9 and won’t run in Classic — considering dumping Pro Tools altogether). The demo had impressive moments, but also a lot of cheese, and overall nothing compelling enough to us to warrant the upgrade. We’re thrown back on other possibilities – switching to Bias Peak, or just having students dual boot the machines (an eventuality we had hoped to avoid).

Anyway. When we got in the car to head to the event, coworker handed me a map he had printed out and it pointed to… Powell and Vallejo in Emeryville — the exact intersection where Matthew was killed. “Why do you have this?” I asked. “That’s where the event is.” And it dawned on me that of all the places in the Bay Area where this event could have been held, it was being thrown 100 feet from where Matthew was killed. Coincidences mounted. Only ~25 people inside, but one of them was an old friend A and I had sort of lost touch with. Strange afternoon.

Music: Beth Orton :: Skimming Stone

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  1. Just to comment on the music bit, great choice. Saw her live once, opening for Beck, awesome.

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