Now Is It Webcasting?

Re: recent discussions about whether iTunes’ new streaming capabilities amount to webcasting (and whether royalties are thus due): SpyMac Music aggregates iTunes sharers under a single roof, which makes a feature Apple was careful to mark as private into a public service similar to live365. Great debate on the legality and implications in this MacSlash thread.

Very good guide / review comparing AAC and MP3 at various bitrates.

Music: Robert Wyatt :: Arauco

3 Replies to “Now Is It Webcasting?”

  1. Anyone who starts a codec comparison by claiming that lack of double-blind abx testing is a positive *feature* of his methodology has no credibility in my opinion.

  2. Dave, note the difference between double blind and blind. He’s still doing blind testing. Here’s a good explanation of
    why that might not be a bad thing:

    As for why he considers the lack of double blind to be good when the reference is known, I’m not sure I understand his point. I’ll write him and see if i can find out. His conculsions still seem in line with most everything I’ve read on the subject, so he doesn’t seem in-credible to me.

  3. Dave, the author of the study responded to my query with this:

    “because if you don’t know how the original sounds, a psychoacoustic reduction scheme can make it sound different or better, but only by comparing to a known original do you know if it’s doing its job – no noticeable change in the sound.”

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