Ingredients: Seaweed

For some reason I’ve had a wild hair for about two weeks to try my hand at making sushi. Tonight stopped off at Berkeley Bowl for a loaf of beer and ended up with a full pound (too much!) of sushi tuna, bamboo mat, 10 sheets of nori, white short-grain rice, wasabi powder, sesame seeds, imitation crab, avocado, and a couple bottles of my favorite Gekkeikan. Made California rolls with tuna – start with the basics.


Although fairly simple, surprised to find out how long it took to put everything together. The rice alone took an hour to go through all its stages (came out just right though!) Didn’t eat till late, but so worth it. I’m such a sucker for sushi. Want to do this more often. I’m able to cook, just don’t do it very often. Heart’s not usually in it. Was tonight though.

Lest there be any confusion, here is the list of ingredients on the back of the seaweed package:

Ingredients: Seaweed

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  1. ooh, pretty!

    Totally separately, Nada and I have been making sushi with her friends Lisa and Jim (they taught us how).

    Did you add vinegar to the rice?
    I’m told that’s what makes sushi sushi.

    Anyway, it’s delicious and cool, and lots easier than you’d think. It won’t take so long the second time you do it.

  2. the asian store on san pablo in el cerrito cuts their fresh fish price in half when its 30 minutes from store closing (which is 5 or 6 on a Sunday – they are closed on Monday I believe) but they sell everything you need! Its great fun! idea for the kiddos halloween – a sushi roll piece! start sewing now!

  3. The sushi restaurants/chefs have an advantage because they can make huge batches of rice ahead of time, all day, and not be “waiting” on it….

    I gave up on making sushi at home, even with a rice cooker, here in the city it is so easy to run out and get great sushi made for you…. :)

  4. YES! nothing is finer than making your own sushi but yeah, the prep time is incredible. but, you start to get creative after you understand the basics. try teriyaki chicken rolls or curried mushrooms for interesting variations.

    i’m still no where near as good as those sushi chefs that i see on the food network. they pop out those o-nigiri like no one’s business.

  5. Rice is nice, and good in 30 minutes. Say Koko rose. A good sake vinegar gives the real taste. For me, I do the sashimi. Pacific fresh coho, atlantic tuna, pickled ginger, wasabi, soy sauce, lemon and sake. Canadian prairie sunset.
    Just can not get better.

  6. Can one harvest “Dulse”-Seaweed in Long Island Sound?

    How does one recognize the eatable kind?

    Do you have special information about “Dulse”-Seaweed?

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