Po in a Hammerlock

Miles has a Po doll. Tonight he pulled Po onto the living room floor face down and got up on its back. Dug a knee in between Po’s shoulderblades. Grabbed ahold of Po’s circular red antenna and yanked backwards, pulling Po’s head up off the floor. Half-nelson hammerlock, WWF action writ miniature, but totally innocent like.

Music: Public Image Limited :: Poptones

3 Replies to “Po in a Hammerlock”

  1. ’bout time someone opened up a can of wh00p ass on that little twerp… ;-> (I actually thought Teletubbies was a pretty sweet natured show, perfect for kids under age two or so)

  2. LOL. No, we got nothing against Teletubbies. Mommy and Daddy love it as much as Miles. As elemental as it is, it’s one of the more creative programming ventures I can think of. Utterly surreal, in a pablum sort of way.

  3. NO. Teletubbies DO suck! What Miles should have done was….reach under the litlle bastards neck and apply pressure with his forearm while….oh, i’m sorry. Teletubbies are great!

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