Gut Feeling

Day before yesterday woke up with a tearing, stabbing sensation in my lower left abdomen. Decided to ride it out and see if it went away. Very low energy yesterday and then this morning it was still there but accompanied by dry heaves (urrrggghhh) and other nasties. We read online that appendicitis usually shows the cramp first, nausea later. Even though the appendix is on the right, Amy insisted that I go to the ER this morning. Spent half the day in a hospital bed on an IV drip. No clear diagnosis. Possibly a torn muscle from an intensive sit-up workout two days ago (but why would that only be on one side?), possibly diverticulitis (distention or displacement of a hunk of intestine, possibly infection). My labs came back clean though, which pretty much rules out infection. Sent home with Vics and slept the day away. Now the nausea is mostly gone, but the pain mostly remains. Weird to have the day blow up like this, so out of the blue.

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