iPhoto Acid Test

Put iPhoto’s slideshow feature to the public test last night. Mimi Chakarova came back from India with hundreds of incredible images (not yet online). Arranged them in iPhoto 3 and added another hundred slides of text blocks – captions, poems, etc. Set the interval and timed the segments, then ripped chunks of audio tracks in iTunes and stitched them together in QuickTime Pro. Told iPhoto to use the resulting audio track as the sound track for her album. The result was an absolutely breathtaking 25 minute presentation, which we output through a high-quality projector and very good speakers to a room of around 100 people. Went off without a hitch. Nobody was more amazed than her – she had never done anything remotely multimedia before, but pulled this off in two days with about 30 minutes training.

Music: The White Stripes :: Little Acorns

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