Chris points out that 8x more Americans are killed by something called Septicemia every year than have been killed by terrorists since 1972, and rightly wonders why we are at war. Hmmm…

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  1. Septicemia is a bacterial infection spread to the blood.

    Bacteria are becoming more powerful due to the overuse of anti-bacterial weapons.
    In fact bacteria can ‘evolve’ responses to anti-bacterial attack within 2 hours.

    By analogy, what can we hope to achieve in the “war on terrorism”?

    “They say ?means are after all only means?. I would say ?means are after all everything?. As the means so the end. Indeed the Creator has given us control (and that too very limited) over means, not over the end. Realization of the goal is in exact proportion to that of the means.”
    —M. Gandhi

  2. Ha. Almost every aspect of everyday life is more dangerous than terrorism. Traffic accidents, household accidents, work injuries – tens of thousands of Americans die every year an unnatural death. But of course it’s scattered all over the country, with not spectacular pictures of exploding skyscrapers, so it’s just accepted as part of life.

    It think it was a NASA senior engineer who expressed it best: “Perfect security is for those people who don’t have the balls to live in the real world.”

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