Connecting with the Wired Generation

Just how disconnected are mid-career adults from kids who grew up with the Internet in their back pocket? The UC Berkeley Grad School of Journalism is hosting a full-day conference to explore issues related to the new digital childhood. As a public service, the entire event will be webcast live. Keynote Friday night, panels all day Saturday. Archives will go online sometime next week.

Note: The terrible lighting situation is unfortunately outside of our (webcasters) control.

Later… joker three seats down decided to help himself to our electricity. Pulling and tugging the power cord, accidentally disconnected our FireWire archiving drive, which disrupted the broadcast and cut off 10 viewers. Argh. My fault for situating equipment where that could happen…

Later later… “that joker” turned out to be one Justin Hall (once of “Justin’s Links from the Underground” fame).

Later… router dropped out and pulled connectivity out from under us. Back up now.

Later… conference over! Will mellow for one day, work for a couple days, then take some time off to finish the MacWorld piece. Tempted to blog notes on the conference overall, but exhausted.

xian was there today, but barely got to visit with him. Another day.

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  1. That’s the cat I first got to know! Far out. Also far out that Justin’s kept his archive happening, and ditto that you’ve constructed linkage paths to withstand time’s breakage.

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