Seems half the people I know got a copy of this in their inboxes recently:

Call out Gouranga be happy.
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga.
Say Gouranga my friend.
Gouranga….That which brings the highest happiness.

No one has a clue what it’s about, but it’s so lovely I’m loathe to call it spam.

Meanwhile the Center for Democracy and Technology has a very comprehensive piece out, Why Am I Getting All This Spam? Personally I’d be sunk without Entourage’s incredible spam filtering – lately getting 150+ pieces of mail a day at birdhouse.org, 2/3 spam.

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  1. Scott never felt the need to write a reveiw comparing entourage and Mail.app ?
    I’de be interested in reading such paper ? Why do you use Entourage over mail.app ?

  2. Interesting challenge. Limited time, but in a nutshell, here’s what Entrourage has over Mail.app:

    – Better spam filtering (with adujustable thresholds and ability to specify why any piece of mail is not spam – add sender to address book, no mail from this domain is spam,create mailing ist rule, etc.)

    – Integrated calendar, notes, address book.

    – Query-based folders – e.g. create a virtual mail folder that only contains mail sent to you by your boss in the last 30 days.

    – Doesn’t look and feel like a toy. More professional overall.

    – Clean up text – remove bogus line breaks and quote marks.

    – Built in usenet newsreader

    – Built-in task list with priorities

    – Dozens of smaller features.

  3. Does it make good coffee ? That is the main point IMHO. ;-)

    BTW, I don’t feel like integrated address book and calendar as a good feature. Because it only interoperate with itself. And proprietary data format is probably another bad idea I really dislike. What if one day, Entourage suddenly stop working (for example, you upgrade system, some usual bug occurs, etc.) ? How will you be able to export your data ?

    And you can’t use iSync with Entourage :-)

  4. Drag mail folders out of Entourage and onto the desktop, you get standard mbox files, and vice versa. Drag contacts out of the address book and you get vcards, and vice versa. So, yes, Entourage is very standards-compatible even if it does store everything in a proprietary database (and there are great advantages to storing everything in a database). There are several tools for synching Entourage with Palm apps and with the Apple address book and with iCal, so no worries there.

    Yes I have misgivings about using a Microsoft app on the Mac and would love to be MS-free. But it’s the usual trap – Entourage is just so much better than any other Mac mailer and/or PIM that there’s just no contest. I spent enough years on BeOS making msyself suffer without features I wanted. No more ;)

  5. This unspam message reminds me of the Radio Free Vestibule song, “Bulbous Bouffant.”

  6. Ah, it’s nice to see the ‘Gouranga’ meme living on. I have encountered it first some 10..15 years ago.

  7. I tried mail.app, and entourage, but nothing beats Mutt, especially since Mutt lives whereever I can use ssh (or telnet, if I have to)..

    As far as spam filtering goes, SpamAssassin is a monster… Works like a champ….

    Of course, I understand that people like GUI mailers (something I can’t relate to, but I understand)… I’m just an old Unix codger, I guess…

  8. I will be installing Spam Assassin on this mail server before long, once the smoke clears a bit. Supposed to be quite easy to integrate it with CommuniGate.

  9. I’m trying to get our print shop switched over to OS X and we’re having to use Entourage because of all the attachments that we have to send and receive.
    Mail.app insists on trying to display a 12 meg photoshop file as a preview inside the message. (or any other attachment for that matter) it crashes constantly.

  10. I googled the guaranga story a bit and came up with a link to a krishna site link with some explanation:


    note, I am not a krishnarian, but do think that the little spammette is nicer than penis enlargement pills.

    Oh, and I use Mail.app in preference to outlook. Probably like Eudora best, but am hoping for Mail to improve.


  11. Call out Gouranga be happy
    Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga
    Say Gouranga my friend
    Gouranga…that which brings the highest happiness

  12. >>But it’s the usual trap – Entourage is just so much better than any other Mac mailer and/or PIM that there’s just no contest.

    It’s an interesting commentary that MS makes (at least some of) its Mac applications “so much better than any other”, but you never (or extremely rarely) hear users say MS makes its PC applications the same way; perhaps the plan is that the latter don’t have to be “so much better”, they only need to be so much /more common/ that by default and inertia people use them anyway regardless of how inferior they are.

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