Cory’s WiFi Spiel

The multimedia training conference is in full swing and I’m just fried — 12-14 hour days every day this week (Saturday too) and schlepping, so much schlepping of equipment back and forth from room to room. Some great fringe benefits though. Hearing Rusty Foster from Kuro5hin speak the other night inspired me all over again about the true collaborative potential of the internet — I don’t think anyone has nailed the collaborative model quite as well as he has with that site.

Tonight Cory Doctorow came through, loaded down with WiFi gear and tales of open spectrum. The guy is so full of ideas, and is so fast on his feet, and just so overflowing, you think his head will pop. Who else could make tcpdump part of a demonstration to non-geek journalists without having the eyes of the audience glaze over in boredom? Kept his talking points in a Wiki and invited wireless audience members to modify and annotate them as he spoke.


Shot another pic of Cory and Rusty together tonight, but it came out overblown. Hit a new usage record on our QuickTime Streaming Server. Cory posted the conference page on boingboing just before the event and we had 30 simultaneous users tapped in at one point. Some folks held the stream for more than an hour. I’ll put the QT archives online middle of next week for those who missed it.

Quote of the night:
“Nerd determination: Our superior technology trumps your inferior laws.”

Music: Black Sabbath :: Paranoid

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