Righteous Damo

Went to see Damo Suzuki (once upon a time of Can) last night with Josh and Minette at the Hemlock club – packed into shoebox against mirrored walls, six musicians onstage. Damo was not at his best, I didn’t think – seemed to lack some spark or was not singing at full range or something. He does this improv thing with his voice that sounds so much like human language but is not. Crunching pulsing space rock, band was very good but not as good as bands we’ve seen him with before. One guy with Elton John star glasses played hammered dulcimer and a theremin signed by Robert Moog. It’s a very hard instrument to maintain pitch with, so there was an undertone of things being a bit off throughout — not totally unfitting the music. A great night, if not the best Damo night ever.

Here is a picture of Damo sleeping with a houseplant.

Had a big debate (argument?) on the way home about whether it makes sense to give panhandlers money. A topic for another day.

Music: Mogwai :: You Don’t Know Jesus

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  1. i wanna know who was on what side of the panhandler thing.

    i’m trying to give at least a dollar a day away to street people. ever since i resolved to do so i haven’t seen any though.

  2. Amy and I are very strongly against. We give money each year to homeless shelters and will give out food to panhandlers, but never money. Haven’t done for several years.

  3. Giving to pandhandlers is a way of making a positive connection w/ people who are often bereft of meaningful human contact. A dollar bill given unhesitatingly in response to a desperate person’s request, joined w/ good intentions for their well being demonstrates that others see them. Too often they are ignored and reviled. Giving to others in this way is not merely giving money (a small token), it also creates the opportunity to show warmth and affection.

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