Birdhouse on the Move

Part #37 of the migration plan is in place. Just set up a DNS record at ZoneEdit and pointed my registrar there. In the next 24-48 hours, the birdhouse ‘A’ record will be pointing at my OS X box and I’ll have local control of birdhouse for the first time (this domain was registered in ’94!). After things settle a bit I’ll point the MX record here as well (using Post.Office for POP and SMTP).

Thought long and hard about running my own DNS as well, but in the end, couldn’t think of a good reason to do it. ZoneEdit is free, has redundant fail-safe servers all over the world, and will store your domain mail if POP at the other end of the MX record is down.

If you don’t see posts here for a couple of days it’s because I’m posting to the new site and your DNS change hasn’t rippled through yet. Look for a “Hosted on OS X” badge on the new site that will signify you’re seeing the new version.

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  1. It did yesterday but not today – see the update on mixing static/dynamic IPs. I’ve returned to port forwarding in the router. IOTW when you hit (after the DNS changeover) you’ll be hitting the router’s static IP. The router is configured to pass any request on port 80 (and other select ports) to a Class C static on the internal network, i.e. a 192.168.x address. I’m sure there’s a performance penalty for this if you’re doing jillions of hits, but it’s imperceptible in normal use.

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