Stone Age

In the process of switching connectivity to Speakeasy (needed faster upstream than my current provider could offer). They get nothing but rave reviews, but we didn’t get off to a great start – they gave the telco the go-ahead to drop my line before they had even shipped me a modem. Going from ADSL to RADSL so my current modem won’t work with their service. So tonight our line went dead and Amy and I get to go dial-up for the next 4-5 days. It feels kind of like driving Fred and Wilma’s stone-mobile with the hole in the floor so you can use your feet to push.

Ah well, it keeps things in perspective. Also a nice chance to test out OS X’s internet connection sharing feature, which is totally effortless and transparent. Turn it on in Sharing, set the client machines to DHCP, and tell the modem to dial when needed. “Just works.”

Music: Guru Guru :: Dagobert Duck’s 100th

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