DIV Height Caching Bug

baald had been letting me know recently that my weblog was truncated halfway down the page in IE6. I’ve had my share of CSS frustrations, but just could not fathom what bug I might have introduced that could cause this. Yesterday I came across this Zeldman post, and another including a workaround. In a nutshell, the flagship browser used by 187% of the surfing population caches the vertical size of DIVs on pure CSS pages. So if it calculates the height of your .blogbody class on one page at 225 pixels, it may try to render it at the same height on subsequent pages, even though it contains different content. Lovely. Some small relief to know this wasn’t my bug.

The fix is a hunk of javascript I’ve stuck into all my templates. You should no longer see the truncation problem on recent birdhouse posts or on the main page – let me know if you do.

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