11 Replies to “National Waffle Association”

  1. Nice to see such enthusiasm over my sticker.
    I am curious about the statement card carryin’ member. I do offer laminated membership cards
    but don’t recall producing yours.

    Scott Martin/Owner
    Tin Hat Novelties

  2. Whoa! Hey Scott – thanks for speaking up, I had just treated this like a random joke image floating around the net. Modified the post to include a link to your site.

    “Card carrying member” was a simple turn of phrase of course…

  3. Scott Martin..Trying to get to your site TIN HAT NOVELTIES..won’t let me in , nor another computer as well..is the site down?

  4. I need my membership card-We produce over 1,000,000 waffles every 8 hours at my company I work for. Let me know how I can receive it. Thanks

  5. Tad, you guys are insanely productive in the waffle making department! Unfortunately I can’t help you get a registration card – I just posted about the National Waffle Association on this blog 8 years ago – I don’t actually run it.

  6. My Wife has been trying to apply for membership every morning for years. This Association needs more visibility.

  7. I bought this sticker about twenty years ago at Bumpershoot in Seattle. It proudly displayed on the bumper of my Toyota until I sadly had to sell the car. Meanwhile, I’ve hosted many NWA meetings, and “recruited” many new members, where we enjoy my friend’s Flemish grandmother’s original waffle recipe—made with yeast and takes two days to prepare.
    Thanks Scott Martin, you’re changing the world one waffle at a time—its time more than ever to put down our rifles and fire up our irons.
    p.s. now that I’ve lost my “proof-of-membership” bumper sticker, can I apply for an official membership card?

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