Kids, Kids

Didn’t see it, but heard that CNN has accused FOX of wanting to “own coverage of the war” – which is probably true, but even if so, CNN would do better to inspire by example and rise above the pettiness than to engage in public fisticuffs. In response, Fox apparently ran an ad in the NY Times denying that they were interested in owning the story. On the brink of war, our two primary news outlets are having a credibility war. Except that instead of both outlets proving themselves with quality of coverage, they try to convince us by shouting more loudly than the other “Over here! Look at us! We’re the credible ones!”

This may be our most post-modern war yet!

Benjamin corrects me: “Actually, CNN proclaimed itself as wanting to “own the story.” The full page Fox add in the NYT was answering to that by saying “We report. You decide.” The implication is that they (Fox) wold not be so arrogant as to want to own the story because after all Fox is fair and balanced.

That’s what I get for posting things I didn’t experience first-hand. :(

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