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  1. Will your session contents be made available to those of us that cannot attend the conference?

    one of these days I’ll be able to justify a trip to MWSF or WWDC…. :(

  2. Thanks for the linkage! Somehow I managed to miss your original post about the MacWorld article.

    I’ve spent the past couple of days trying to setup a spare box as a LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, perl/php) development machine. So far, no joy. Now I’m thinking I’ll dump the linux box and host it all on my Mac. One less machine to worry about.

    Have fun @ MWSF! Are you planning on attending the keynote tomorrow? I wonder how many rumors will materialize into real products/announcements.

  3. Hey, if you got the freebie copy of Keynote howzabout posting a copy of your PowerPoint in pdf or some other format for guys like me who don’t use PowerPoint :)

  4. Thanks Scot!

    Now I want to see your next presention made with Keynote :)

    Although it’s not an app that I need or would use it seems to be excellent, and cheap.

    I’m eagerly awaiting iPhoto 2, and wondering what these new feature are in iTunes that’ll get switched on “now”. Or does “now” mean once iPhoto 2 is released?

    Safari shows great promise, still a lot of features missing but not bad for a beta.

  5. Philm, I actually imported yesterday’s PowerPoint into Keynote in time to deliver mine with Keynote, but the guy I was working with advised against – too “seat of the pants.” Do you know the exact same pres was more than 10x larger as a Keynote prez than PP? Yuck.

    The new iTunes features are just its integration with the other apps, apparently. So you see the iTunes features manifest in other apps, not in iTunes.

  6. Do you know the exact same pres was more than 10x larger as a Keynote prez than PP? Yuck.

    Same kind of library problem that you’re kvetching about in iTunes and iPhoto… you’re right, they need to get the basics right, even though disk space is cheap :)

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