My pop does some handy work for clients in the mountains, and came across this motorized surfboard at a client’s house. We think it’s a 1965 JetBoard.

jet board

There were apparently not too many of them made, and of the few that remain, only one has been restored to working condition. Much faster modern variants are still being manufactured. I’m trying to see whether I can help by taking it off the owner’s hands… at the very least, I’d like to pass it on to my old boss at Wavelengths Surf Shop in Morro Bay.

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  1. Doesn’t putting a motor on the board kind of defeat the Zen of surfing?

    “You cannot hope to achieve enlightenment through internal combustion, grasshopper.”

  2. The literature I’ve seen (From the links you (Scot) provided), seems to suggest the thing is mostly for parading past members of the opposite sex in skimpy swimwear. But it seems like it could be a fun toy to restore. Hope you manage to get your hands on it. If the engine is well and truely dead, I’d be tempted to convert it to electric power, although I’d be a bit concerned about getting salt water into lead-acid batteries. Chlorine gas, anyone?

  3. it is an 65 goto link provided and u can find link to a guy who has restored his..also the webmaster at has a brand new one never used pristine condition…if u need help these guys will gladly give it..
    nice find!

  4. The concept for the original Jet Board (like the one pictured) was developed by Arthur Bloomindale, the brains behind the American Express credit card, in 1960. And was built by Precision Radiation Instruments Inc.

    At the time the Bloomindales lived in Palos Verdes where Art’s sons surfed. Art was not a small man and apparently not in surf worthy shape so he imagined motor power to get him to the line-up.

    It’s my understanding that 1,000 of these monstrosities was built at a cost of around $1,200 each.

    Geof Bloomindale, Art’s son, and I used to surf together in Santa Barbara. When he heard that I’d acquired a Jet Board he told me this story then handed me a manila folder full of pages documenting the origins of the Jet Board Corporation. Including stock certificates, information about shareholders and letters to and from attorneys with hand written notes in the margin.

    Thank God mine never ran long enough to get me stranded at sea.

    Anyone interested in these documents?

  5. I have two of these units sitting in my barn. Got ’em from a guy in Tawas Mi. One has a serial # of 1520. The other may be a prototype….It has no serial #’s in the usual locations and some of the hardware on the access panel is different than any of the pictures that I have seen.

  6. I have a Jetboard that I acquired new in a packing-crate. I ran it twice and have had it in storage for about 30-35 years. I might be listing it for sale soon.

  7. i have a jetboard it runs good and is in good needs a fuel tank.i have cal cf stickers on it and is curently regster.i am wanting to sell it for a thousand dollars.if you know anyone looking for one call me at work or at # 209 952 1000 home # 209 474 1122

  8. I Dont know if it is a lost cause but I have a jetboard I am trying to fix but I dont have the engine. Does anyone out there have any parts or a board they are planning on selling that might help me out? Thanks

  9. I just bought 3 of these boards. Currently under construction. Started a Yahoo group named Vintage Jet Board. Would be interested in parts or paperwork.


  10. Feel free to call me if your boards are for sale. (chuck- Ian-Chris-Rick-ect) 8182057758

  11. for sale 1960’s jetboard . needs restoring .everything there except rear skeg.hasn’t run in location toronto canada

  12. Hey ED, you still have your board? I had one and sold it now ready to fix another one, we should talk. Thanks

  13. Hey Ed, I live just outside of Toronto and have been looking for a Jetboard. Would you be interested in selling it to me?

    John 905-966-3600

  14. I have a 1960’s vintage jetboard i would like to get rid of. Last run in the 80’s according to my boss. Looks in pretty decent shape, can provide pics, located in Alabama 334-806-1672

  15. Just bought two untouched not even sure if there’s a mother in it but balances on the tailgate at motor compartment if I move from there it tries to fall not sure how to open it didn’t want to pry someone I talked to said there worth a lot more untouched is there any truth to that?

  16. The lid twists off counter clockwise. What appears to kill these boards is the plastic fuel tank falls aoart.

  17. Ok thank you I was able to get it off one as motor one does not I am going to put up for sale if anyone interested here’s my number text me for pics thanks again for answering! 6614336676 mike

  18. I have a blue one of these I inherited from my Grandpa. He got it original, when he was in Fremont Ca.
    It is in good shape, last run in the 80s. Can supply all the pics you could want.
    I’m in AZ, near Tombstone. No parts missing that I am aware of except possible the leg tether/magnet.

    Contact me if interested in buying it.
    marvinmar @


  19. Hello, I want to ask you what is the difference between Motorized Surfboard and electric surfboard? I’m thinking of buying and I do not know who to stop. I will be grateful for your advice!

  20. Hello, I want to share with you that I bought an electric surfboard, and I’m happy! For me, the electric boards are better than Jetboards with a non-diesel engine, and in general the electric motor for me is the future! Have a nice day!

  21. I finally decided to sell my jetboard I’ve had it for over 20 years always planned on putting in a new fuel tank and seeing how it works but I never did I believe that’s all it needs is a fuel tank and a tune-up …I have the Fin and the safety magnet.. located in Oceanside California let me know if you’re interested thanks..7604330999

  22. Does anyone have any info on a motorized surf board called Surf Jet? Made late 70s to mid 80s. Made in usa. Has an LC26 Fuji Ind 2cyl 2cycle 260cc engine. I picked it up for 50bucks from junkyard. I got it running perfectly. Just need to do refinishing on board. It sat for almost 30years locked up in an old garage. Old owner ran the engine dry last time it was put away but never emptied the tank. Omg the smell of 30year old gas lol. I didnt even have to clean the carb. Just added fuel mix and a ton of fiddling! Im looking for any advertisements owners manual and a newer impeller. My daughters have decided its theirs now that it runs. Picked watermelon pink for main color with 60s style airbrushing to accent.
    Its about a 17hp engine and from what ive found about 28mph with a kid on it laying down. I cant wait. Ive got lots of pics of rebuild. Videos. Thanks for your time. If anyone is near Ontario Canada and has a surfjet that needs TLC i would love to find one working or not!
    Adam Connolly

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