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More thinking about the disappeared content on, more discussion with other Byte editors and writers, and I finally decided to go ahead and post complete BeView archives here on birdhouse. Left behind the new subscription curtain, the articles are effectively hidden from search engines and the rest of the world, and no one is going to subscribe to CMP just to read my crusty old nuggets. A piece of computing history will be lost forever if I don’t crack them open. So the archives are now open for all, in all their occasionally embarrassing glory.

Music: Orchestre Murphy :: Hymn to the Sultan of Brunei

2 Replies to “BeView Archives”

  1. Thanks a lot Scot, for this wonderful xmas present…

    Would you mind terribly if we put these up, with your name as author (of course), in our BeOS content section on The BeOSJournal?

    We promise not to change a single typo or embarrassingly glorious detail. ;-)

    -Chris Simmons,
    Avid BeOS User.
    The BeOSJournal.

  2. Hi Chris –

    Please do not mirror the content on your site. There is absolutely no need — that’s what links are for. I’ve always said no to unneccessary mirroring, sorry.

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