In the past few weeks, Searchling has risen to the status of “most useful software on my computer.” Sits quietly in the menu bar. Responds while in any application to Cmd-Opt-/ hotkey with a small popup text field, cursor already positioned, ready to search Google, IMDB, VersionTracker, Dictionary, MacOSXHints, or pretty much any site (choosable with a picklist, configurable with a text editor). Search results sent to the preferred browser.

If there is such a thing as software Zen, this is it.

Music: Lounge Lizards :: She Drove Me Mad

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  1. …and it came to be that the Lord Hacker spoke favorably of the Searchling and the masses did commence in the downloading of said application. Soon thereafter, a triumphant cry arose across the lands as all that used the Searchling were pleased.

    Wow – thanks for the tip! What a great app – if a couple of text fields could be called an “app”. (oops, did I use those quotes correctly? ;)

    Although, in retrospect, I find myself wondering why it took this long for such a useful application to be created. Such a simple concept, yet it remained unfulfilled until now.

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