Free Prints… Down to the Wire

Reminder for anyone who signed up for – you can have 100 free Kodak prints generated from your iPhoto collection if you jump on it before Dec. 31 – a $50 value. At the risk of sounding like an Apple shill, you should see Amy and I gathered around the digital hearth, poring over pictures of Miles in iPhoto, using all the fancy features like cardboard cutout consumers… almost saccharine. She’s even more hooked than I am. I come home daily to new rounds of Miles pix. You think I post a lot? You should see how many she takes! It’s kind of weird… she’s got such a long history in analog photography — an MFA in photography, years as a photo teacher… but she got so hooked on the PowerShot and iPhoto that she only shoots digital of Miles… has hardly pulled out the 35mm cameras since he was born. But we’ve had nothing to send to relatives, so we jumped on this tonight and selected out the best.

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  1. My friend works in a print/photo shop in NJ and I once asked him how much it would cost to get a 5×7 print from a digital camera source… He replied “40 cents”… I was astonished at how cheap it had gotten…

    So once you run out of iPhoto prints you might want to take your SanDisk/CompactFlash/Memory Stick to the local photo shop and get your prints there… :)

  2. True – the 4x6s are .50 when ordered through iPhoto and I know I could get them a lot cheaper locally. It’s just so darned convenient to do it this way ;)

  3. Check out

    Apple extends free prints promo for .Mac
    Apple has extended its 100 Free Kodak prints promotion — which was originally scheduled to end today — to the 28th of February, according to an Apple representative (although the online Webpage has not been updated). The offer gives 100 free 4×6 Kodak prints to new subscribers using the iPhoto print service.

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