How-To Goodbye Depression

Amazon is hawking a highly-effective looking title designed to help combat life’s dark clouds through a truly unique scientific approach. Is this the book that could put self-help on the map at last? Haven’t read it myself, but feel like I’ve been exploring its methodology all my life.

Dreamed that I woke up with a note from Amy pinned to my chest:

“Scot – ran out of breast milk for Miles and had to pump yours. Took every last drop, sorry.”

Music: Blue Room Boys :: Royal Garden Blues

5 Replies to “How-To Goodbye Depression”

  1. Sounds like maybe you and Amy need to reconsider the lengths you go to in the name of an equitable distribution of labor.

  2. Nice Blog. I have been looking for blogs and such that I can relate to. I invite you to come to my blog and join me in my delightful spiral into death depression and nothing.
    Thanks for your time. Remain happy ?

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