Ogg-Vorbis Support in OS X

Finally, a QuickTime plug-in to support Ogg-Vorbis. Drop it in place, restart iTunes, and your OGG files just work. A command-line encoder is also available at the site. Rumors floating that Apple may be working on an official Ogg decoder, but for now, this one is working great. No iPod support though, so we’re not all the way there.

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  1. No encoder that I know of does lookups – that’s the job of the application utilizing the encoder. For example iTunes does the lookup when you stick in a CD, long before the QuickTime MP3 encoder that iTunes utilizes begins its work.

  2. Ooohrah, I downloaded this thing and now I can play (and encode) .ogg files! It’s got some bugs – it doesn’t like it when you change the parameters outside of its low-medium-high quality settings on the encoder, but it works.

    Much nicer than the solution I had for transcoding oggs into mp3. Thanks Scott.

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