Study: Mac OS Least Attack-Prone

Computerworld: Mi2g Ltd. said 1,162 new software vulnerabilities in operating systems, server software and third-party applications have been discovered so far this year. Of that number, fewer than 25 were attributable to the Mac OS.

Gotta say, it feels great to not worry about a thing as one wave of vulnerabilities after another washes over the Windows shores. And even better to know that my wife, father, landlord, clients in the city etc. all fly under the radar as well. Security by stealth + security by design is a lot of security (though not total, of course).

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3 Replies to “Study: Mac OS Least Attack-Prone”

  1. And here I always thought you were some kind of knowledgeable computer professional Scott. I see now that you’re just the next David K. Every in training. Here’s a tip, rather than just hop on the latest anti-Microsoft FUD train why don’t you post something of substance and value to the computing world at large. What a dissapointment you’ve become.

  2. Hi Miguel –

    It would be great to know what in my post you take objection to. Is it the facts or my opinion you disagree with? Your insults are pointless unless they’re targeted at something. Elaborations welcome.


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