HTML in Email Rebuttal

Anonymous reader “George” sent me a point-by-point rebuttal to “Why HTML in EMail is a Bad Idea.” While I disagree with most of George’s assertions, his response is nevertheless the most cogent defense of HTML in email that I’ve seen. In the interest of fairness, I have posted George’s notes without editing or commentary from me.

As if to prove I’m not a lone crazy man howling in the woods, Low-End Mac has published The Dying Art of Plain Text Email.

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2 Replies to “HTML in Email Rebuttal”

  1. I have to side with you on this one, Scot. HTML email drives me nuts and (security issues not withstanding) it one of the main reasons I switched from Outlook to “The Bat!” on all my Windows machines.

    Another arguement in favor of plain-text email is that more and more handheld devices (phones, PDA, etc.) are being used to access email. I don’t know of any email clients for these devices that can handle HTML email.

    btw, could he have used the phrase “VHS VS betamax” any more frequently?! ;)

    thanks for the great weblog and congrats on the latest addition to the Hacker family!!!


    (No HTML was harmed in the creation of this comment.)

  2. Very good point about the proliferation of handheld devices, etc., which counterbalances the proliferation of HTML-capable mail clients.

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