Blogger Hacked

News floating around this morning that the entire Blogger system has been badly hacked. Because it relies on FTP for site publishing and because most people have the same password for FTP as for the rest of their account, tens of thousands of people now have compromised internet accounts. As always, this is the achilles heel of big, centralized systems. This can’t happen to MovableType because there is no centralized server on which the system is based.

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  1. Hahahahaha! You wimps call yourselves hackers? My dead grandma could hack better than you! If you REALLY want to know how to hack, call this number 256 721 2355 But only if you really want to know how to hack, or if you like phonesex with Kristen or Kristie. Other than that, y’all can just piss off!

    Steve Baird

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