Transmit 2

Just spent half an hour with Transmit 2 for OS X — possibly the best FTP client I’ve ever used. Slick, bug free, full featured, and integrated support for SFTP, which more and more sites are requiring. Fetch’s days are over. Snooze you lose…

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  1. Be sure to check out RBrowser as well ( I simply could not live without it at this point. It supports SFTP as well, but the real kicker is that it works seamlessly with BBEdit, allowing you to open and edit files remotely. Killer. Maybe Transmit 2 does this as well…


  2. I was using RBrowser for a number of things before Transmit came out. The one thing it does that I like is lets you see inside FTP folders without entering them – saves a lot of going back and forth.

    Aside from that, RBrowser is extremely clunky (although very functional).

  3. Transmit 2 rocks! I just got it yesterday. I tried RBrowser last year and found it clunky as well.


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