Dreams Do Come True: Journaling in HFS+

According to this article at eWEEK, Apple is preparing to release OS X 10.2.2, aka “Elvis” in the next few weeks. Elvis will feature an optional fully journaling filesystem, which can be enabled from the command line. For those of us migrating to OS X from BeOS, this is huge news – Be’s BFS was one of the operating system’s crown jewels (full journaling was only one of BFS’ selling points). Unfortunately, journaling is expected to slow OS X down 10-15%, which was not true of BFS. Prayers are being answered, one at a time…

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  1. The article is asinine…. The Journalling would logically slow down FILESYSTEM performance, not overall system performance (and probably just writes, at that)… And I would expect that 10-15% would be about right given the overhead….

  2. lol

    I saw this article earlier today, and as soon as I saw it I thought — Shacker will be very pleased, keep eyes open for related post.


  3. Sean, that’s what I thought too, but decided not to question the article since I haven’t seen it for myself. And remember fileystem performance touches on system performance all the time, almost inseparably. I wonder what Dominic would have to say about this…

  4. I wonder if it’s really going to be a _fully_ journaling filesystem, or if the journaling is ‘only’ going to cover the metadata.

  5. Ah, small confusion regarding the term ‘metadata’ here: I meant it to mean the directories and other filesystem structures; even journaling only these would be a great step forward for OS-X.

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