Forward Command Post

Want to get an early start on your Christmas shopping for all the war-hungry kids on your list? “It’s the “Forward Command Post,” a new toy for kids as young as 5.”

Shrub’s recent speech analyzed point by point – scathing, incisive.

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  1. Well, what should I say.
    I´ve read about the “forward command post” in a German paper. That´s the most stupid toy I have ever seen. I knew that “Bush-ers” are fascinated by war but that is a peak of absurd and brain-dead merchandise

  2. *whine* *whine* *whine* Oh they are making toys that feature war and combat! I think they even have some of those evil guns! Oh how in the world did that ever happan! *whine* *whine* *whine*

    Good Gawd SHUT UP about the Forward Command Post. Ten years ago, in the early 1990’s, they sold Desert Storm action figures. I used to go down to Family Dollar once a week and buy a few. They were like generic GI Joe figures with all sorts of accessories. You would have bitched at that too, HAD YOU EVEN BEEN ALIVE THEN.

    Jesus Christ. Has this country really gone so pathetically catrateded and PC PUSSIFIED?

  3. PROTEST the FORWARD COMMAND POST at JC PENNEY stores nationwide
    WHEN: This SATURDAY DEC. 21st @ NOON
    HOW: bring banners, posters, your voices of protest and if you have a JC Penney credit card- contact radio and tv stations and cut the card up in front of their stores in front of rolling cameras!

  4. Forward Command Post, eh? Well I suppose it’s no more tasteless than German Concentration Camp computer games. Still I wonder why there’s no “Mission Mogadishu” games complete with naked GI’s being dragged around the living room…probably wouldn’t instill the “gung-ho, pray for war” attitude in the next generation of lemmings.

  5. I know one thing, I would never let my kids “play” with such a toy that invites the trauma of war. Kids need to maintain their innocence while they’re young. The “Forward Command Post” is disturbing.

  6. What is the big deal about the command post. Sure the lable should say for ages 14+ but it is just a toy. If I was going to buy a war toy I would want it to be realistic at some level.

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