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The article I wrote for MacWorld a few months ago on setting up OS X for MySQL/PHP web development, “Serve It Up,” was published in the November issue. There are actually two versions of the article – one on Jaguar, which is in print only, and another on 10.1.x, which is the one they ran online. Enough stuff changed between 10.1 and 10.2 that the online version won’t quite work under Jaguar…

The topic is more technical than the typical MacWorld audience, so producing the piece turned out to be a real editing challenge. In fact, I probably did more round-robins with my editor than for anything I’ve ever written… a process that bordered on becoming a genuine pain in the ass but that was worth it in the end, even if some of it doesn’t quite sound like me.

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  1. Howdy Scot,

    You have a very nice blog! Very clean interface which I appreciate. Anyhow, I’m an interface designer that is trying to stretch his abilities and patience( and maybe make himself employable again) by learning some dynamic web stuff. Your ‘Serve It Up’ article seemed to be what the Doctor ordered.

    I am unfortunately having some problems. I’m running 10.2.1 . Everything went well with the tutorial until I installed phpMyAdmin. After editing the file, the password didn’t work correctly. In order to pull up the index.php page, I would just enter my user name with no password. The next problem was that when I went to start a new database I would click ‘Home’ but there was no text field below Create New Database as described in your article.

    I Hope I described my issue clearly so that you can possibly help me. I know you probably can’t respond to all questions. Maybe others are running into this problem too?


    David Bryan

  2. Hi David –

    I’m not sure, but suspect there may be changes in later versions of phpMyAdmin. Try setting the auth_type to to http in, make the user ‘root’ and use your database’s root password. That’s all I had to do with the latest version.

    Glad you like the blog, thanks!

  3. Scot-

    I really enjoyed your O’Reilly series on all of the Apache things you can do with OSX. Recently, I’ve been trying to get PHP to work in my install (I’m running 10.2.2), and I read your note about the print version being correct for Jaguar, and the online version being correct for 10.1.

    I went to the newsstand today to pick up the print issue so I could do a walkthrough of the 10.2 process, but it looks like the December issue is out, and they don’t have the November issue anymore.

    Are there plans to make the Jaguar version of this article available online or should I just go ahead and order the back issue from MacWorld? Thanks,


  4. MacWorld responds:

    Our current policy is to not put print features online, so the Jaguar version of the article will not be available. You may want to tell him that
    he can order the issue for $8 by sending a check to:

    Back Issues
    PO Box 53131
    Boulder, CO 80322-3131

  5. I was able to get everything working ok on my Jaguar system (based on the printed version of the article).

    But, I couldn’t find the example archive mentioned in the article, so I’m looking for any sort of sample to complete my so-far successful experience.

    I tried following the Dreamweaver article next, but was unable to get Dreamweaver to ‘see’ the database, I gave up. I’ve since destroyed my OS-X system trying to get it running, so I’m re-installing Jaguar.

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