Pix and Pregnancy Morph

A collection of images from Miles’ first 24 hours on earth, and of mom and dad’s time in the hospital.

Before Miles was called Miles, he was just Appleseed. We tried to take a profile shot of Amy’s belly each week during the pregnancy (although we missed a few), then morphed* them all together at the end.

*Technically, this isn’t a real morph since I didn’t map point to point, just iPhoto’s built-in Slide Show output.

5 Replies to “Pix and Pregnancy Morph”

  1. So Miles it is then. Cool choice, Gabriel’s a very nice name too but I guess middle names don’t get much use.

    Enjoyed the morph, great choice of soundtrack. ;^)

  2. Scot, Amy and Miles,

    I just love a good birth story! Amy, you just completed the hardest and most important work a human can do. (Although the actual child rearing is right up there!) I think you will find yourself changed by the experience. Most of all, your story confirms for me that beautiful, spiritual births can happen in any setting. It’s the intent that you bring to the experience that really matters. I laughed out loud at your Minnesota moment–so characteristically you! Scot your web site is a marvel and such a treat for us! You’ve got a real beauty on your hands. Just enjoy every moment of him.

    With much love,

    Sage, Will and Scarlett

    P.S. Will showed Scarlett your web photos and asked her if she was going to marry Miles. She just laughed and laughed with delight.

  3. Wonderful Web site, Scot. Miles looks just like you. Great date he chose for a birthday. Enjoy the babe.

  4. Jan – I’ve left your comment up, but have removed your spammy URL, of course.

    Last I checked, Miles is always a boys name.

    You can see pix by searching this site.

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