Beautiful Boy

Too overwhelmed to write right now, need time to process all these thoughts. Such a day, such a fantastically beautiful day. Our baby was born less than three hours after Amy went into labor. It was an intense labor, very pure and very fast. We now have a dark-haired boy, six pounds 12 ounces, 19″ long, blue eyes (we think – so far he’s barely squinted up at us out of them). We don’t have a name for him yet – that will come soon enough.



The birth was so incredible. More tomorrow.

18 Replies to “Beautiful Boy”

  1. Congrats, guys! I am glad everything (apparently) went smoothly, and wish the three of you the best of luck!

    He looks cute, of course the cute-factor will probably increase once his head straightens out.. :)

  2. Wow! Welcome to the world little one! Enjoy your journey through life … You’ve got two really cool parents to help guide you.

  3. Congratulations, glad everyone is doing well. As I think about it, it boggles the mind what the world your little boy will inherit will be like – I think if one looks without too jaundiced an eye over history, one can expect it to be better than now in more ways than not. It will surely be different in ways unimaginable. Again, congratulations and best wishes to the three of you.

    -Jim Strickland

  4. I’m so happy for you and Amy that I think I’m going to cry. It’s so beautiful, the three of you siting there having a big familly hug. Awww man…

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