Talk Like a Pirate Day

In Talk like a pirate — or prepare to be boarded, Dave Barry reminds us that this – today! – is Talk Like a Pirate day – and here I’ve let half the day slip away without talking like a pirate, damn. He’s recruiting lots of celebs, but :

I see no need to recruit President Bush, because he already talks like a pirate, as we can see from this transcript of a recent White House press conference:

REPORTER: Could you please explain either your foreign or your domestic policy?


4 Replies to “Talk Like a Pirate Day”

  1. Not really related to pirates… but I was browsing some bookstores in a nearby town here and came across your MP3 book!

    Thought you’d be interested to know that it has made it as far as inland South India!!



  2. Woot! That’s an entertaining thought, thanks for letting me know…

    The fact that no one has bought it and it’s just sitting there is another matter however…

  3. If it makes you feel any better, Scot, I saw a copy of it in the used bin at Nuggets in Kenmore Square… So that means that SOMEONE bought it.. (unless they sold a review copy :P)

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