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  1. And I’m reading birdhouse! :-)

    Actually, Scot, I had three titles at Be. I started as VP Developer Relations, then became VP Business Development, and ended up as VP Marketing Communications. I liked my first title (and job) the best.

    Great blog… and thanks for the mention!

  2. Good God, when in hell did Mike Popovic go to Maine… and why? Maybe I should read his blog to find out. And Adrian in San Diego… hmmm. Well now LA but still… San Diego is MY house :) BOSC was driven into the ground in San Diego.

    BTW, Scot, I got the email from MT telling me a new post was in your blog.

  3. Sorry for getting your title wrong, Frank. Amazing to bump into you here, had no idea you were reading birdhouse ;)

    Etienne, excellent to hear the notifications system is working. It’s manual only – it will never go out automatically with every post, but I can trigger it for any posts that seem worthwhile.

  4. Ok that makes sense, Scot, since I didn’t get any email about today’s latest post (weblog panel).

    As for those icons, I downloaded them a while ago but I there is no easy tool (like there was in BeOS) for changing the icons for particular file types. Where is the file-types application in OSX!!? I miss it. Perhaps there is a tool out there to do just that.

  5. I know, annoying isn’t it? Well, you know Pavel is on the Finder team, so let’s pray he brings some damn horse-sense to the table ;)

    Check versiontracker – I’m sure there are some tools there for changing icons on a filetype basis – I just don’t know what they are.

  6. You’re missing me <shameless class=”self-promotion”>and my BeOS screensavers for OS X</shameless>.

    An introduction for other xB people: I worked at Be from mid-2000 until the end, hacking away on the BeIA UI layer until I wore it (and it wore me) down to a tiny, tiny nub. I’m now over here doing … uh, other stuff.

  7. Oh, on the topic of replacing OS X icons: Most of the default icons (as opposed to those belonging to specific applications) are scattered across /System/Library and are a pain to hunt down and replace. Fortunately, it seems that longtime MacOS developers Panic recently released CandyBar, which promises to do just that. (I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, myself.)

  8. Man, I really miss the Be community… I can’t even get the damn OS to boot on my machine any longer… *sniff*

    I also miss being Editor-in-Chief over at BeNews… I forgot how long I actually had put in over there until the other day…

    Perhaps it is time to start a new news site…. *eg*

    And I wish I could purchase my stupid powerbook so I could play again… This XP noise is really starting to grate on my soul…. Perhaps it is time to dig the C=64 out of the closet and use that instead…

  9. Figurative head noise… It has begun the slow process of driving me insane…

    When my Amiga 500 finally died, and I decided to ditch the platform (which had been dead for years at that point), I bought a PC… And I happily used Windows for several years… But eventually the Windows Noise became too much of a distraction… The constant thoughts of “Oh god, I hate this place” became louder and louder…

    For awhile, I moved to Linux, but it is much noisier over there… I installed Slack (this was back in the days of RH3.03) which took a week to download floppies, etc. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to setup PPP, so I would boot into Windows, write down some ideas I stole off various HOW-TOs, reboot into Linux, try them, they wouldn’t work, rinse/repeat.. While the specifics have changed, the overall Linux experience (on the desktop) hasn’t.

    BeOS was my saviour; a relatively noise-free environment to concentrate and work on interesting (to me) projects… But then Be started to falter, and once things went completely south for them, I decided that I should probably get used to Windows again… I still used Be alot, but I spent about 30% of my time in Windows..

    At one point, thanks to some new hardware and what-not, Be simply stopped booting on my workstation… I just never had the inspiration to get it working again… I resigned to moving to win2k, which from my experience at work seemed nice….

    Over time, though, I began to realize that I hated 2k, and looked once again at Linux… After 2 weeks of struggle, I again ditched that shitpile (great for servers, shitty for workstations; and this is more of a ‘state of unix’ thing than pure Linux hatred… Other than OSX [apparently], Unix is still sucking on the desktop).

    Soon after XP came out, and I really thought it was the first version of Windows that I could tolerate… But after 9 months, I have realized that this isn’t true either…. It is certainly the least shitty version of Windows to date, but it isn’t good either.

    Add to that all of MS’ shitty business practices and DRM shenanigans, and MacOS (once a joke to me) begins looking much more appealing…

  10. Wow. Well, your voice gets added to an ever-growing chorus of people deciding that Linux is nowheres-ville, usability wise. I think Apple is seeing a greater “switch” effect from Linux migrants than from Windows migrants. Your story sounds pretty familiar, echoes my experience and that of many others, it seems.

    I don’t mind having a Win box at work next to my Mac, as long as I don’t have to use it more than about 10% of the time ;)

  11. I’m generally a waste of human flesh, but other than that, I worked for Dave Brown from 1/4/2000 until March something 2001 hacking away with C/C++ tools on anything Dave would throw my way, as well as responding to info@be.com for the first six months of my Be life… Then I donned the title of QA Engineer… And I haven’t been right since.

    Needless to say, I worked as part of that department during some of the most annoying months possible. A few of you #roofdisposal visitors will know me… Some will not. Sigh. Doesn’t matter.

    K is for Kompressor!

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