Human Lighter Than Cat

UN Secretary General Kofi Anan has warned the United States not to act alone against Iraq. Bush is apparently unphased by the warning. How can a serious, official warning from the rest of the world mean nothing to us? Are we really so righteous? Do we know something the rest of the world doesn’t know? Is war entirely about politics now? It’s as if war isn’t even taken seriously by the world’s most powerful leader, like it’s a trifle to be played with for rhetorical purposes. I’m so afraid we’re heading for WWIII, right on the brink of Appleseed’s birth.

Speaking of which, when we first learned Amy was pregnant, back in January, we calculated that the birth could end up being very close to Sept. 11. We hoped it wouldn’t come on that day (yes, superstitious), and were glad to have gotten through yesterday’s tickertape without her going into labor.

Amy reminded me today that the kid will weigh around 7-8 pounds. Our cats weigh 11 and 15 pounds respectively. A human smaller (much smaller) than a cat. Can you get to that?

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  1. They said my daughter seemed about average size. I guess she packed on that extra TWO AND A HALF POUNDS those last two weeks (that’s a total of 9-7 3/4, thankyouverymuch).

    welcome to mt.

  2. I have a hard time equating “UN Secretary General Kofi Anan” with “the rest of the world.” I didn’t vote for him, and I don’t know anyone who did.

  3. He’s still in place via some kind of representative process – you elected the people who put your UN rep in place, who in turn voted Anan into place. You’re not entirely disenfranchised there.

    What’s your deeper message – do you have a problem with him? It’s not like he’s king of the world or something.

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