Importing LiveJournal Entries to Movable Type offers a LiveJournal to MovableType import/export script. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to make the jump with all my old content intact. Unfortunately it required a bunch of perl modules I didn’t have. Started compiling those, only to find that one required the expat lib, which refused to compile. Realized I hadn’t upgraded to Jaguar’s devtools – that brought the compiler back, and I did get expat compiled, but the perl module dance took another hour. Anyway, finally got it all happening, and the script worked perfectly.

Amazingly, Amanita offers to do the conversion for you if you can’t make it happen. Send them a batch of zipped LJ XML files and you get back a zipped pack of MT backup files to import. People who rock are so cool.

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  1. Hey, Scot – saw your post about moving the LJ entries over here :)

    Was wondering what process you went through to choose the new blog software, and did you look at the b2 package from ? Another blog I read everyday (Dave Farquhar’s Silicon Underground) uses it…

    Anyway, my web log bookmarks folder has been updated with :)

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